Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Quote of the Day

So... Tom Hardy interviewed Matthias Schoenaerts for Interview Magazine. Ahem. Is this thing on? Let me repeat that a little bit louder. TOM HARDY INTERVIEWED MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS FOR INTERVIEW MAGAZINE. That's better. And it's not just the two of them talking - it's the two of them calling each other "bro" and talking about how much they loved working together (on The Drop) and how much they'd love to work together again... and the word "masturbatory" is used twice. This is what heaven is right? Here's a little snippet of their convo:

HARDY: That's why I have a problem with the method-acting conversation, because I don't really get the method-acting thing.
SCHOENAERTS: I get it to some extent. But I think it should always be combined with creativity, because otherwise it becomes ...
HARDY: Masturbatory.
SCHOENAERTS: Yeah, I don't like that.
HARDY: I don't either. What I love about you, man, is that you're always in the room. We could talk and joke and fuck around, and then when it's "action," we're in.

"Fuck around." Sigh. The only sucky thing is I know that Interview never photographs the famous person conducting the interview but man, what I would've given for them to have gotten Tom & Matty in a room together again. (thanks Mac)


Anonymous said...

Didn't Hardy mention something about Fassbender going method a little while back? I remember a story about Fassbender being in a wheelchair for a role, and refusing to get out of it. Hardy didn't say anything disparaging in the interview, but I guess he's not a fan.

Francisco Estrada said...

Wasn't the whole thing about Charlize clashing with Hardy on set was because he was being too method? Or did I get that wrong?