Wednesday, May 06, 2015

More Than Magnificent

Sometimes there are moments where I'm convinced that I individually am being trolled by casting people, and this here is one of those moments -- The Magnificent Seven remake from director Antoine Fuqua just added Byung-hun Lee and Jason Momoa to its roster. Byung-hun Lee and Jason Momoa! Jason Momoa and Byung-hun Lee! Oh my. To see why we're obsessed with Lee click here. Or just look above. I mean, really. And we just posted about this movie super recently when Wagner Moura was cast; we also dig him. And and besides those three there's Chris Pratt too. Magnificent is maybe too small a word for all of this manliness. What's bigger than magnificent? What is the verbal equivalent of this? Splendiferous? Make that The Splendiferous Seven.

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