Thursday, May 07, 2015

Good Morning, Coop

Gary Cooper was born 114 years ago today. The more I think about it and the more I see the more I think that Coop is my favorite classic male movie star. No he wasn't the finest actor, but he was charming and the camera worshiped him and all of the pieces that make up "Gary Cooper Movie Star" are just the pieces I want most in my classic male movie star, more than any others I can think of. He could be suave and he could be goofy, but he always seemed totally one hundred percent genuine.

I wish I could've found a better quality version of this scene from the 1943 film The Story of Dr. Wassell but the movie is pretty obscure; there is a Spanish DVD of it out there but other than that there's just this low quality version of the film via the Internet Archive. Oh well I capped it anyway, hit the jump for the rest...

That last gif is from the movie, earlier on, when his Asian assistant (I use the broad "Asian" on purpose since this is a Korean actor but he's probably playing Japanese) helps him get dressed. It's included for obvious reasons.

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