Friday, May 01, 2015

Fassy Wants To Come Home With You

Michael Fassbender's absolutely terrific new Western called Slow West is out on VOD on May 15th - here's my review - and I love that the only full clip from the film that they've released online to get people to watch it is the scene with Michael Fassbender in wet long-johns that we freaked out about previously when the first trailer was released. You can watch the whole clip over at Vulture. But really, see the entire movie. It's terrific! And if you don't you'll miss the shot where Michael Fassbender's in his long-johns again, but this time he's pissing and scratching his ass with his gun. Notice how they didn't release that clip? Ace up the sleeve!


Anonymous said...

Geez. Not only does he have a beautiful face and a huge penis but he's also got a nice ass.

Kirk Cameron's pristine butthole said...

Why is he wearing underwear underneath his...underwear. :/

We know what his fat cock looks like in nothing but underwear (the scene in Shame where he greets the whore at the door), he's clearing wearing something underneath those long johns.

Why would the director include a scene like this and then "neuter" it?

Ugh, insecure/jealous heterosexual males? Just accept he has a bigger dick than you and stop holding it against him (hold it against me please!). ;)

Anonymous Kirk Cameron's pristine butthole said...

Hey oleconquistador, the expression you're looking for is "some guys have ALL the luck".

Anonymous said...

You're right (Kirk Cameron's pristine butthole). I've always been on the wordy side.

Unknown said...

He's thicker there than he's ever been in his life. He's normally a coat hanger.