Friday, May 01, 2015

You Know You Want It

Have you guys bought your copy of The Art and Making of Hannibal: The Television Series yet? It comes out on Tuesday so if you wanna be a cool kid (like, you know, me) you'd best get on that shit. I can't wait to have that sucker in my hot little hands, I'm gonna throw my boyfriend out of bed for a few nights and have my way with it instead. Of course I got one of the signed Limited Edition copies from Forbidden Planet, which is sold out. (Cuz, you know, cool kid.) But you can still actually get one of those - they're more money now, but check out this link for the sitch.

And don't forget - Hannibal returns on June 4th!


Bill Carter said...

Didn't know about this! Thanks for the tip!

BTW, If you haven't already, check out Janet Poon's great "Feeding Hannibal" blog.

She's the food stylist who designs all of Hannibal's incredible meals, and she posts her production notes, drawings, and meal pix for each episode.

Plus an occasional recipe.

[ joe ] said...

Great tip, really. Just ordered my copy. Not a signed one, but still walking my way to become a cool kid.


Jez In Dallas said...

Every link on that page to order the signed copy results in "page not found" error. Which probably means they are sold out :( I emailed their sales team, fingers crossed one is still available! Though lord knows I don't need to spend $100+ on another book.

Jez In Dallas said...

I know that you were holding your breath but I emailed the sales department and got a response back within minutes that the orders will be available at 5pm GMT (11AM CST) so from about 10:45am until 11 I furiously clicked refresh just in case it went live early and was able to snag one in batch 21-40 for like $150 something after shipping and conversion rates. Omg I will treasure this when it arrives.