Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Am Link

--- Out Of Drogo - I was all excited when I clicked on the news that Peter Sarsgaard is joining The Magnificent Seven remake's cast because hey oh another dude I like on a great big heap of dudes I like, score. But then I read the fine print and saw that at the same time Jason Momoa has apparently had to drop out for an unspecified reason. Now I am sad. I mean Sarsgaard is a better actor, but Momoa's, you know, full in all the right places. I was hoping he'd rassle with Matt Bomer or something.

--- Mama Deadite - Mimi Rogers, who's gone eternally underrated, has just joined the cast of Ash vs The Evil Dead, that Starz series that's bringing back our favorite "aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter." Ha that's how THR described him. Awesome. Mimi is playing the lead female's mother. I hope the point is made that she and Bruce Campbell are very nearly the exact same age and the show don't try to build a romance between him and the younger woman.

--- Daario Doubled - BuzzFeed interviewed the male model named Ignacio Jimenez Blanco who is a body double for Michiel Huisman on A Game of Thrones but the dude refuses to tell if its his butt that we saw in that first butt scene or not. I still don't see why Michiel Huisman would need a butt double though; we've seen that and more more more before and it's ALL GOOD. (thanks Mac)

--- Ravishing Runner - You should've heard the squeal of pleasure that spilled from between my lips when I read the news that cinematographer slash genius Roger Deakins is shooting the Blade Runner sequel along with director Denis Villenueve. It was downright lecherous. Deakins is of course the man who shot films from Fargo to Skyfall and everywhere in between. Think of a pretty movie picture from the last twenty years and there's a great big fat chance he shot it!

--- Bad Girl - Once Jack Huston signed on for the lead in The Crow reboot my interest waned, I find him to be one of the droopiest examples of nepotism we've got these days, but now that I'm hearing that Andrea Riseborough, my beloved Andrea Riseborough, is probably going to play the main villain in the film well, holy shit am I interested again! Riseborough, like Eva Green, is always the best thing about any project she's in - hell I even liked her scenes in Birdman and that movie made me apoplectic. She's the best. The character she's signed on for was a man in the comics.

--- It's just a little nugget buried halfway down this page but apparently The Babadook director Jennifer Kent is keen on making her next project something called The Nightingale, and it will be "a revenge drama set in Tasmania in the 1820s." Okay! Sure why not. I will follow her anywhere after The Babadook. Anywhere.

--- After Looking - Weekend and Looking director Andrew Haigh, once he's done shooting the latter's series finale movie thing, is planning on turning Willy Vlautin's book Lean On Pete into a movie. Anybody read it? it's about a homeless kid in Portland Oregon who befriends a race-horse named Lean On Pete and they go on a big trek across the Pacific Northwest together. When I say "befriends" I don't mean this is like a talking animal movie or anything... I don't think. Anyway Haigh's also got another film in the can already - it's called 45 Years and it stars Charlotte Rampling and I want it something bad. That's probably out in the fall.

--- Baby Nappers - Ellen Page and Allison Janney, two great tastes tasting great together, again! The Juno pair are going to star in Tallulah, from one of the directors on Orange in the New Black, which is about a woman who tries to rescue a baby from a bad mother only to be accused of kidnapping but somehow it kind of sounds like it's supposed to be a comedy? With these two actresses it certainly should be anyway.

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