Thursday, May 21, 2015

Two Weeks Til The Red Dragon

Two weeks! Fourteen days! And then Hannibal is back for its third season! This is very exciting! I hadn't been paying attention to what time-slot it has this year so I'm only now realizing it's suddenly a Thursday night show - that's a good thing right? Maybe it's just the fact that I grew up in the 80s but Thursday night, that's prime real-estate isn't it? Even at 10? That's when ER was on right? I don't know, I'd like a fourth season, and a fifth season, and so on, is all. This means you, you reading this right now, you need to watch! What if I told you that Richard Armitage was showing up...

... to roll around in his underwear? Would that help? As previously reported the Hobbit star will be playing the serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, aka the Red Dragon, in the new run of episodes. Well there's a new preview of the show out, and we finally see him! Lots of him actually!

When he actually shows up remind me to do a "Who Wore It Best?" post with him against Ralph Fiennes, who struck the same pose in the Red Dragon movie. Until then here's that preview:

God every shot of Gillian Anderson is like buttah.

And don't worry I haven't fogtten about you, Hugh...

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Anonymous said...

I saw this had no comments and whole-heartedly believed it needed some audience appreciation:
Hummina hummina hummina....!!!
There we go. One for each of them. Okay Im done. Off to rewatch end eps of s2... *o*