Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Am Link

--- Hot Nachos - Anne Hathaway was my second favorite dressed at the Met Gala and seeing her there made me miss her (she was wise to step away post-Oscar win though) so this news is exciting - she's going to star in the new movie Colossal from Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo! Yeah okay I'm still using Timecrimes as his calling card even though he's made two movies since then; Extraterrestrial and Open Windows were both... okay.  Oh but his segment in the last V/H/S movie was my favorite part of that movie. This new movie sounds bizarre though, in a great way. It sort of sounds like he's re-using his idea from Extraterrestrial actually, which was an on-the-ground romance set during an alien invasion that kept the alien invasion entirely in the background, only this time around it'll be a Godzilla type attack.

--- Foul A Saurus - Since this summer is the first time that a Jurassic Park movie is coming out while this blog exists you're forgiven for not knowing how excited I would normally be about such a thing versus how much enthusiasm I've been displaying, so let me spell it out: my enthusiasm should be higher for Jurassic World than it is. I should be hollering about it left right and center. But the CG in the trailers, man... it is a lousy downer.

So basically I've just been keeping my fingers crossed that they've been working on it as time's progressed and by the time the movie comes out, it'll look right. I shouldn't have to work this hard to have hope, is just the thing. Anyway this piece at Cracked about the problem with modern-day CG is on point, and expresses all the problems in depth, go read it. Loved this from the end:

"The CGI is powerful, but the people who made it clearly don't have enough respect for that power. I know I'm just quoting Malcolm at this point ... but shit. They really were so preoccupied with whether or not they could have 88 dinosaurs throwing exploding helicopters at each other that they didn't stop to think if they should."

--- Who For Hardy - I guess I forgot to link to this earlier this week, even though I was even all up in Tom Hardy's ass previously (sigh), but in that long interview he gave to Collider he apparently says he and DC are working on a secret project, which is a mixture of Ocean's 11 and Batman, among things. And it might be more than just a movie, it might be TV too. I have no idea what it could be, but sure, why not. More Tom Hardy for everybody! Anybody have any guesses though?

--- Down With Dolan - I still haven't liked a Xavier Dolan film one hundred percent without reservations, although Tom at the Farm and Mommy have come the closest. I think he's clearly improving. But there's been plenty to appreciate about everything he's done, even if it's just his deep affection for cinema that's pouring off the screen, so I don't really get the point of this article about his "Hipster Dystopia" -- they're pretty much saying what I just said but using that to rail against the clueless Cannes sycophants that propped him up in the first place? It just reads like mistaking the forest for the trees to me. Who cares who likes what when - there's good stuff in there! Just like it! You sound more posturing than anybody here.

--- But Speaking of Hipster Cannes, Natalie Portman's full-bulged babydaddy Benjamin Millepied is going to be putting on a ballet thing at the French fest's opening tomorrow set to the music of Vertigo by Bernard Hermann. (thanks Mac) I am forced to imagine judges Xavier and Jake Gyllenhaal sneaking off as the music swells and their eye-fucking becomes too much to bear to make sweet passionate love on the sand. I'm just forced to picture that!

--- Hard Cover - I really really reeeeeally want the fancy new collector's edition of Daniel Clowes' Eightball comics that is about to be released, it looks so so pretty. If every single one of you goes and buys yourself a copy on Amazon then maybe I can make enough residuals from your clicks to buy myself a copy, so go do that, is my point. Anyway Clowes talked to BoingBoing about how he and Fantagraphics worked together to make such a pretty pretty object.

--- A Man To Love - We've glared on our own at Karl Glusman, the hot new actor on the scene, right here and right here - he's starring in Gaspar Noé's porny new movie Love as well as Roland Emmerich's Stonewall movie as well as Nicolas Winding Refn's Neon Demon. Up and comer! Anyway over at The Film Experience Nathaniel went even further with a great bunch of gratuitous-ish stuff to ogle. Love the quote from Noé, calling Glusman "the ultimate 3D babymaker." Oh and that shot to the right there is the first image from Love, which you can see in all its NSFW-ness over here.

--- And Finally earlier today I posted three trailers to upcoming horror TV shows but as one commenter pointed out the only horror TV show worth actually being excited about is Hannibal's third season return on June 4th, and oh my god have you seen the Gillian Anderson poster and have you watched this crazy Korean promo for the show yet?


Roark said...

A-fucking-men on the Jurassic World effects. Jurassic Park is basically my favorite movie of all time, and none of my friends understand why I'm not overwhelmingly excited for the new one. I think I'll just email this article to the lot of them.

mangrove said...

Aaaaargh! Stop teasing me and give us the 3,000 word review of Chocolate City we all know it deserves. Please?

Jason Adams said...

I can't review it yet, mangrove! I have to wait until closer til it comes out. Them's the rules. HOLD YOUR HORSES ;)

mangrove said...

Okay then. If you've swore a blood oath I understand.

To make it up though, it has to be pretty much 3,000 words: pinky promise? :)