Monday, May 11, 2015

Good Morning, Josh Hartnett

I guess I'm tempting fate even bringing this up but I haven't watched last night's Penny Dreadful yet so no spoilers here please! But yeah it's Penny Dreadful season so my mind turns to All Things Josh Hartnett - if you missed it I posted a couple Harnetty things on the Tumblr last night too.

I've posted stills from this scene in Josh's 2008 movie  I Come With The Rain  before (see also here) but it really is the kind of thing that works best in motion. As you can clearly see. The movement of light and shadows (and boners), as the gods of cinema intended.

What is it with Josh Hartnett and boners? He loves boners.

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joel65913 said...

I'm not a big Harnett fan, I have to say I'm actually surprised he managed a comeback but good for him.

But I wanted to say I just LOVE the new banner. Patricia Neal as 2E was as she herself said "a very stylish girl" and that shot pretty much encapsulates everything that was magnificent about the character.