Monday, May 11, 2015

Five Frames From ?


What movie is this?


Anonymous said...

The name of this movie fails me, but was it the extremely crappy movie from the early 90s where charlie sheen dies in a motorcycle accident, but comes back to life to take down a gang of drug dealing psychos (which I found utterly laughable at the time. Charlie ain't taking down the druggie psychos, HE IS ONE) who staged the motorcycle accident and then right at the end he reconnects with his girlfriend, despite having completed his mission and having to leave the mortal coil.

The Bloody Munchkin

Jason Adams said...

While I'm super intrigued by what you just wrote, TBM, that is not this movie.

ignacio said...


Jason Adams said...

Yup that's the movie, good work Ignacio :)

FDot said...

I believe TBM is thinking of "The Wraith". Not the worst B movie I've ever seen. Good cast though.