Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quote of the Day

"Nobody in their right mind came out. It was career suicide. We all pretended to be straight. Once we met Paul Newman and his wife [Joanne Woodward] at a premiere. He looked at me and smiled. I just read in his face – that maybe he knew Rock and I were together. We kind of laughed about it."

People magazine talked to Rock Hudson's one-time boyfriend Lee Garlington about their romance in the '60s and he shares lots of sweet little tidbits but natch I had to bring Paul Newman into it because duh. (I wish there were pictures of Hudson & Newman together.) Anyway Garlington says he broke up with Rock because he wanted "a father figure and he was not strong enough. Rock wasn't a real strong personality. He was a gentle giant." Whatever, nut-job.


Peggy Sue said...

Sad story. There's so many things we still dont't know about that era.

Peggy said...

Oops! That is so poorly written.

Marco B. said...
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