Thursday, April 16, 2015

Do Dump or Marry: The Silent Kings of Comedy

Charlie Chaplin was born 126 years ago today, so what better time to ask y'all this question. Picture it: you're a flapper or a dapper goofy on giggle water at your local juice joint, when suddenly before you stands the superstar triumvirate of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd. "Horsefeathers! Applesauce!" you cry out! Whatever will you do? Do Dump or Marry, that is. Tell us in the comments, ya copacetic?


joel65913 said...

Do Buster, he had that deceptively great body.

Dump Charlie, he was crazy talented and I've seen pictures where he looks much better than than pic at the top but he also was so odd, a little of that goes a long way.

Marry Harold. Behind those glasses he was very attractive and he seemed the least troubled.

homeslaughter said...

Do Harold, tall and would appreciate some attention
Dump the over rated Charlie
Marry the genius Buster

billybil said...

You know how you sort of make your decision before you click over to list your choices...well, I was feeling a little uneasy and wondering if I was going to be the only one with my choices and THEN - THERE IT WAS - joel65913 had made my exact same choices and explained them PERFECTLY. I absolutely couldn't have said it better. Thanks you Joel.

Do Buster
Dump crazy Charlie
Marry Harold.


Uncle Mike said...

It's a consensus. Or a quorum. Or something.

Do Buster.
Marry Harold.
Dump Charlie.

For reasons.

mangrove said...

Same as the overall majority but I would marry Harold because he did all those crazy stunts with half a hand missing so he obviously was very dedicated and knew what to do with his fingers in all circumstances...

Who wouldn't want that by their side for always and forever? (and glasses are hot)