Thursday, April 30, 2015

Making It And Then

I never got a chance to write up the Tribeca Film Festival talk with director Cary Fukunaga that I attended last week and I'm not going to have the time to right this minute either. But here's a good recap of the highlights at The Playlist, and here's a picture I posted on Instagram. He seem skittish on the topic I most wanted to hear about - his upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's It; he wouldn't cough up much. If I'd had the balls to ask a question I would've asked how they're filming it in New York, but I don't think he would've answered that anyway. 

Moving on, he's just announced another project and it is preeeeeeeety up my alley. He's teaming up with Brokeback Mountain screenwriters Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry to make a movie about the true-story of the father and son Joe and Jadin Bell. Jadin killed himself at 15 years old after being bullied for coming out; his father Joe then walked across the country, sharing their story. I hadn't heard about this until now but man, this is probably gonna be a rough watch. (thanks Mac)

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