Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's Avenging Time

I guess I've been so distracted with every single muscle in Zac Efron's torso this week that I haven't had the time to mention that the biggest gosh-darn movie of the year, one I am very excited about at that, is coming out today. Well it's coming out in the United States today, that is - it's already been out for several days in several other countries, and it's already made enough money to buy Zac Efron at least - at least - a couple of times. Anyway I am seeing the movie tonight -- anybody else? If you've seen it already or if you see it in the next 24 hours, take to the comments here and tell me what you thought!


patuxxa said...

I've seen it already as it's been out for a few days in most European countries. While at certain points it suffers from "too much" syndrome, I enjoyed it. James Spader as Ultron and Paul Bettany as Vision are really good - Vision in particular is definitely the highlight of the movie!

sowhatelse said...

It does everything it's supposed to do. I'm not damning with faint praise, but I was hoping it would surprise me a little more. It has the requisite action and humor, and the cast is as appealing as ever. It's an enjoyable time at the movies, it's just not a particularly thrilling or inspiring one.

It could have used a touch of Loki, too, and I'm not even a Loki fanboy.