Thursday, March 26, 2015

With A Name Like Johnson

How bizarre to hear Aaron Johnson described as a "DILF." I mean yes it's true, he's the father of two probably lovely children. But dude's only 24 - I literally have a t-shirt that's just 4 years younger than him. (Don't ask me why I have a t-shirt that's two decades old but I do and I wear it all the time. Comfort beats sanity, always.) 

Anyway I wish Aaron said something interesting in the interview attached to these pictures (via, thanks Mac) so I could offer something more than just the pictures and my own ramblings about ratty t-shirts, but it's all "I'm settled down and boring now!" bullshit and that's not what anybody wants to listen to. 

I mean just make shit up, Aaron. Tell us you were touching yourself in the corner while you watched your wife film Jamie Dornan's penis, it's okay! I mean, we're gonna think it anyway.

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