Friday, March 13, 2015

Which Is Hotter?

It's Emory Cohen's 25th birthday today, and since The Place Beyond the Pines has been randomly haunting me this week (it's come up several times) this seems like the perfect question to ask!

Which is hotter in The Place Beyond the Pines?
Emory Cohen0%
Dane DeHaan0%

It seems cut and dry to me - no offense to Dane DeHaan (especially after seeing Dane DeHann in his underwear) - that Emory wins this face-off, even though I thought he was terrible in Pines while I thought Dane was terrific. Practical talent is not what we're voting on! (See more of Emory's real talents here.) But as long as we're talking this movie...

... remember how gay it was without ever actually being gay? That was weird. I guess you put a cute shirtless boy in front of Bradley Cooper and the gayness is just gonna happen, but besides that the interplay between Dane and Emory, plus all the leering at Ryan Gosling... Derek Cianfrance, I can only hope you bring such a richness of vision to your next film, an adaptation of The Light Between Oceans starring Michael Fassbender.

Speaking of there's a new-to-my-eyes picture of Fassy with a lucky-ass fan on the set of that awhile back. (via) Sex Stache Alert!

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Roark said...

As long as DeHaan keeps rocking that Leo-in-1997 look he will have my vote.