Thursday, March 19, 2015

Good Morning, Miguel

I know a lot of you never saw the value of Pedro Almodovar's plane-board romp I'm So Excited, but can you at least agree that if nothing else bless that movie for bringing Miguel Ángel Silvestre to my attention? The world is so much bigger with him in it.

These pictures are actually from the 2011 film called Dark Impulse (Lo mejor de Eva)... I think I know what that title is talking about, looking at these pictures. Anyway natch seeing these got me on a Miguel kick, and hit the jump to see his fruits from my labor...


Miguel said...


I mean... (❤_❤)

I'm seriously considering to label him the PERFECT MAN!!

He is the lead man of a Spanish TV-Show called Velvet, and he looks just as magnificent as he looks in this piture. And on the 1st half of the show he had 2 shirtless scenes and they were GLORIOUS!!!

Jason... Thanks for this :D
Oh and you could watch more on him on the next Netflix original show 'Sense8' from The Wachowskis.

Peggy Sue said...

I saw him in person once! It's a miracle I didn't get arrested!

J.D. said...

Latin Lover! oh yeah!

davidhhh said...

Did you not know that he played a closeted gay actor on the Netflix series Sense8? LOTS of hot gay sex scenes too!