Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... Fallon in the middle.

So I guess Jimmy Fallon's gone and trumped me again (as if those water-sports games of his weren't enough) - we all knew (because a bunch of pictures were tweeted) that Chris Evans and Chris Pratt, the two Marvel superheroes who love opposing football teams, were at the Superbowl together this past weekend (and hey look it's Gay Brother Scott Evans and Awesome Wife Anna Faris too!) -- what we didn't know what Jimmy Fallon managed to make himself the meat in their six-foot sub. Mmm sub.

On his show last night he aired the video and it was all kind of frat boy let's rub on each other goodness; hit the jump for the video and some nice pictures I took from the video, and thanks to Glenn & Mac for the heads-up and the video... 



Glenn said...

I mean... this just isn't fair. Chris Pratt has felt Chris Evans' dick against his butt. This is truly not fair for us mere mortals.

amola-tesouras said...

I'm in Europe, where we call soccer football. But today I am so grateful that Superbowl exists.

dk468 said...

just another 1.5 percent bs.

had no idea how expensive the tickets were to watch in person the violent* sports where concussions are de rigueur!
so what's the status of the lawsuit against NFL by the former players who are now suffering this grave medical consequences?

*no wonder this fucking country can never seem to have any intention not to create and engage in these endless wars.

dk468 said...

with that out of the way, Chris and his brother still can always tagteam me anytime anywhere! Lol

(that overhyped goofball, who has participated in that torture is fabulous atrocity which was directed by that vile cumrag discarded by the insufferable I am the king of the world egomaniac, need not apply, tho'!)