Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Marvel, What Have You Done????

Charlie Cox's chest hair! 
His beautiful, beautiful chest hair!!!

IT'S GONE!!! I kept my mouth shut (or you know, relatively so) when they shaved Chris Evans' chest for Captain America, but this, this, THIS is a bridge too far! Why, Marvel? WHY???

I have been, we all have been, betrayed.
Shut it down! The entire system is broken!


sowhatelse said...

Seriously, the only reason I would have watched is for Charlie Cox, and 75% of that is for his chest hair. Marvel just freed up my schedule.

amola-tesouras said...

I will never understand why Wolverine is the only person allowed chest hair in the Marvel universe. Just... no.

das buut said...

Isn't it obvious? We took over their stereotype of 'macho' men and now they hate us.

"You've got chest hair? Ugh, god! Please, someone shave mary before she breaks out into showtunes and crushes beer cans on her forehead! Women only like to look at other women, and women don't have body hair. DUH!"

But they'll probably cover it up with something lame BS excuse like 'hair causes chafing in a tight costume'. Gag me with a spoon.

George G said...

Maybe it's to better read the braille message in his abs? Well, this is Marvel after all, they can ret-con it in the future.Volstagg will serve him some Asgardian ale 'to put hair on thy chest!" and then
Poof! He'll be all tufty tits again.

Paul Chandler said...

When will they realise that chest hair is just as much a draw to their daft films - as boobs or legs or a nice bum is to some percentage of the audience? I suppose they airbrush the actors and actresses so much that it's easier to have them smooth - but in an action movie, which I'd usually not bother to watch, I don't want to see the actor plucked and shaved like a chicken! If they've got chest hair then let them work it!!

Anonymous said...

There's a reason why he's shaved. He gets beaten a lot... he's bruised battered and stitched up. Its part of the show. Terribly difficult to show all the stitches if he had chest hair. Anyway he's still hot as hell. OMG, that body, that voice, those lips.... this girl blushed the entire 13 hours.

Also, show is just awesome.

bookwyrm73 said...

I agree. Same reason all the guys in Sons of Anarchy were all hairless; it's hard to do tattoo stencils over hair and it's hard to apply wound and bruise makeup over a furry chest. No matter how wonderful and lovely. ::sigh:: I need to go to my happy place, now.