Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Good Morning, World

I have a theory as to why Italy's been having so many troubles - politically, economically - as of late. Wanna hear it? It's this: I fast-forwarded through four, count them four, recent movies starring my Italian lover Raoul Bova this morning, and I came up with next to squat for a gratuitous post. Squat! 

Okay but not entirely squat, as you can see - the fourth movie was called Fratelli unici, translated Only Brothers, and it stars Raoul and Luca Argentero (you'll want to click here for our previous posts on Luca) as brothers who in one scene get in a pillow fight with each other and roll around on a bed, as seen here.

To be honest, fast-forwarding through the movie without the sound on I thought they were supposed to be roommates or friends and Raoul's character was gay and in love with Luca's straight character; but reading the translated Wiki page that doesn't seem to be the case (which definitely makes the scenes of Raoul romancing a lady late in the film less offensive than I worried they were.).

But I could be forgiven for the error, I think. 
They should clearly be humping.

So get your shit together, Italy, is my point.

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