Monday, February 02, 2015

Hitting It Hard With Fran Kranz

The Playlist just shared the trailer for the new movie The Truth About Lies and it's one of those "Hey it's That Person" affairs - hey it's the chick who gets a rod stuck in her in Cloverfield, hey it's The Waitress from It's Always Sunny, hey it's that dude that MNPP just posted pictures of in his underwear the other day, hey it's the dude from Final Destination 5 who should be in lots more things...

... (his name's Miles Fisher and we love him lots, by the way). But the most important presence in the whole thing is, natch, Shirtless Fran Kranz, my old friend Shirtless Fran Kranz.

Indeed Shirtless Fran Kranz is all over the trailer, making it clear that people seem to have realized what an asset Shirtless Fran Kranz is to a movie - a wonderful, wonderful development in the world. One more thing to say, "Thanks, Joss Whedon!" for. Hit the jump for more pictures...

1 comment:

das buut said...

Oh, I see, it's a Rom-Com between Fran and Miles. I dunno if that's something that'll appeal to me, but I will definitely check out the caps. Heehee.

Okay, okay. Still, I hold out hope. Could it be edited as such?