Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gratuitous Bill Cable

I was looking up stuff about Pee-wee's Big Adventure today, what with the finally official confirmation of a new Pee-wee movie, and stumbled upon something I never knew - beefcake model (and sorta porn star) Bill Cable, seen above, is in Pee-wee's Big Adventure! He plays "Police Officer #1" who shows up after PW's bike is stolen.

Man, Paul Reubens is just the subversive best. Little 8 year old me never had a clue. Nor should I have! But Adult Me loves this shit. As for Mr. Cable (god that's a good old fashioned made-up-by-Henry-Willson kinda name), besides modeling for the legendary COLT in the 70s he was also "a partner and great friend" of Cassandra Peterson (you know, ELVIRA) according to Wiki - I'm not sure what that means and this is just making me realize that Peterson has REALLY got to write her autobiography. 

But back to Bill - he also played the dude who gets ice-picked by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct! His mainstream career was brief, but awesome. Sadly in 1996 he was in a motorcycle wreck that left him paralyzed, and he died two years later at the age of just 51. Both Peterson and Reubens attended his funeral. Okay that sadness aside let's remember him the way we'd all like to be remembered - hot. After the jump are a few mildly NSFW pictures of him...

PS I reeeeeeally reined this in from what's available of Bill out there in the world -- if you want the seriously NSFW stuff click here, which is where I found most of this stuff.


Henry said...

Wait a minute HE"S the guy from the Elvira movie??? I just saw that like a month ago :DDDD

Jason Adams said...

Yes! I couldn't find any pictures of him in it though.

J.D. said...

oh my gosh I actually own that playgirl magazine cover of him. lol. gosh, what a beautiful man.

Guy Callaway said...

The Cassandra Peterson connection is that she's the model posing with him in those 'Playgirl' pics.

Anonymous said...

That 70s swimsuit picture is fake, here's the original: