Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On Top Of Groff Mountain

By the time I got around to watching this week's episode of Looking the internet had already been flooded with an entirely pleasant flood of gifs from Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff's latest humping sesh, so just click here if you'd like those. There is one thing I noticed though, absence-wise that is (you might say a hole that needs filling in, even)...

... nobody's seemed to note the fact that Russell is
quite plainly, you know, excited to be there.
And wouldn't we all be!
That is, quite obviously The Place To Be.


gabriel said...

I feel like this season has been treating us so well with some Tovey flesh on each episode so far, I really fear the massive disappointment we'll have if an upcoming one fails to do so...

Anyways, what are your thoughts on the season so far? I couldn't be more in love with Kevin (oh, them dance moves to Take That <3).

Anonymous said...

Uh, no. That just looks like regular bulge. Which is great! But regular, nonetheless.