Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Am Link

--- Right Is Wrong - Oh dear, dear John Krasinski, I really really really don't think you should take this job - John Krasinski, aka the husband that Emily Blunt fashioned for herself out of leftover clay pieces from a Wallace & Gromit cartoon, is in talks to star in Michael Bay's movie about Benghazi called 13 Hours. This has major clusterfuck written up and down every single side of it.

--- Taking Stock - That financial-collapse movie The Big Short that we told you about the other day that's set to star that trio of looks named Brad Pitt & Ryan Gosling & Christian Bale just hired another one (looker that is): Steve Carell's (make that Oscar nominee Steve Carell) has just joined the cast. That link also has info on who everybody will be playing, in case you care, which you shouldn't since none of the roles are "butt-boy for the other three."

--- Big Blow - The dude who wrote American Sniper is going to next write American Drug Lord (I'm sensing a theme!) which will be based on a Rolling Stone article about a Texan football star who just up and heads to Mexico to make like Scarface and run a cartel. You know, as people do. Why do I care? Charlie Hunnam's signed on to star in it. I hope there are lots and lots of football scenes in the start.

--- And Speaking of drug cartels (cocaine is so hot in Hollywood right now you guys, you have no idea) Tom Cruise is re-teaming with his Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman (who has a forever-pass thanks to Go) (not to say I didn't like Edge of Tomorrow; I liked it a lot) to make a movie called Mena, which will be about the true story of an airplane pilot who becomes a drug-runner, then an informant for the CIA, only to be murdered by the Colombians for his troubles.

--- Type Overtime - Cabin in the Woods' Fran Kranz, he of the shockingly ripped and hirsute torso, is visible for a split second in the TV commercial for whatever Broadway show it is he's doing right now and I always make sure I catch that split second, but it's nice to have something more substantial to hold onto - here's the trailer for Bloodsucking Bastards, the "Office Space meets Fright Night" flick he's got coming out this year which pits him against Game of Thrones' delicious Pedro Pascal as the boss who's actually a vampire.

--- French Flats - Juliette Binoche is signing on to a ballet movie; it's called Polina and it's based on an apparently well-known French comic-book (anybody know it?) about a poor ballet dancer going to a ritzy school and falling in love and traveling the world and, presumably, dancing a bunch. No word on Binoche's character; I assume she isn't playing the 18 year old dancer but she is Binoche, she could do it.

--- Horror Home - In an interview with Collider Sam Rockwell talks some about the upcoming Poltergeist remake, which he frames as a "kid's adventure story" and not a horror film precisely - sounds like this new version tells the story from the perspective of the young boy in the house, and is gunning for a more PG-13 feel than an R-rated Conjuring-type thing, he says. I'm of two minds on this - the original Poltergiest was formative for as as a kid, so sure, make it for kids. But it's also dark and thorny and has edges; I hope they don't sand all that off.

--- Spell's Cast - Over at Final Girl our gal-pal Stacie Ponder takes a look back at the four-hour 1978 horror miniseries The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, which has Bette Davis and witches and that's all you need to know about that to click your ass over right this second. My boyfriend actually remembers watching this back in the day!

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RubenQK said...

Charlie Hunnam is going to beef up, just like Bradley!!! let's give an Oscar to that writer!!