Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good Morning, World

Wild got Oscar noms for its wonderful leading and supporting
ladies this morning, huzzah! As I said on Twitter...
Anyway back to shirtless Michiel Huisman - Huisman doesn't have a huge part (and that's clearly the only time that phrase has ever been uttered) opposite Reese Witherspoon in Wild - he just shows up, grooves to a jam band, and fucks her on her merry way. But it's memorable... mainly just because look at him. He's always memorable! I was hoping the film would be slightly less shy with him - hey remember the scene where Dany commanded him strip on A Game of Thrones? I know you do. Do that again, movie. What better way to show Cheryl's feeling powerful, right? Alas this is all we get. We'll take it! Hit the jump for a couple more quick gifs...

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das buut said...

To misquote Al Bundy "And this is why movies will never replace the HBO viewing experience!"