Monday, January 26, 2015

Good Morning, World

Let's get the obvious out of the way: yes 
that's Patrick Wilson, and yes, he's in his underwear.

There is a brief (ha brief) shot in his latest movie Let's Kill Ward's Wife that shoots him from, well, if not his best angle, my favorite angle of his anyway. The movie's got that going for it!

Anyway I assume if you guys know my tastes in movies by now then you know it's hard to offend me - I have suckled upon the teat of John Waters and tasted the milk of filth and it is my sustenance.

But sometimes... sometimes a movie just doesn't feel like it's got a handle on itself, and when you're aiming for something as pitch-black as LKWW and you miss the mark... it's a big fucking miss. It's the kind of "miss" that makes you distrust the good feelings you've previously had for the people involved in the project - especially when the project is an eensy labor of love amongst a group of real-life friends like Let's Kill Ward's Wife is. It's just all incredibly ill-advised. Let's Pretend This Movie Didn't Happen is a better title. Besides the Patrick Wilson in his underwear part of course - that'll we'll stare at some more after the jump. And then we'll pretend the movie doesn't exist.


Sandisan said...

He has the perfect ass. I applaud your dedication to the documentation of said ass.

KC said...

He really does have the perfect ass. But who is the guy in the background covering his special purpose?!