Wednesday, January 14, 2015

5 Off My Head - Stay Cool, Chris Evans

Granted for the above gif I edited Michelle Monaghan out of the shot but I really did think for a very excitable moment that the trailer for Playing It Cool, Chris Evans' latest rom-com, was about to give us a meet-cute between Johnny Storm & Mister Fantastic and I liked it, I liked it a lot. Unfortunately it's not to be, since nobody's letting me make the decisions in Hollywood. Oh well! 

You can watch the trailer for Playing It Cool (god what a generic title -- how are there not already fifty rom-coms called that?) over here but there's not really much reason to... well okay there are a couple of reasons, but I'll save you the time and condense it down to the five worthwhile shots in the thing. They are...

1. Chris Evans' arms

2. Chris Evans in boxer shorts

3. Chris Evans playing with balls
4. Chris Evans' cum-gutter flash

5. Chris Evans' crotch first

And that's it. You're welcome!

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