Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two Queens One Desert

The Playlist shares that the first picture from Werner Herzog's upcoming film Queen of the Desert, which stars Nicole Kidman as Gertrude Bell, the early 20th Century adventurer, and James Franco as some dude she'll probably have to saw the arm off of when he falls down a hole. Seeing James in the desert, that's all I can see, all I can hear -- boing, that nerve getting sliced through. Boing!!! Ugh, shudder. Look at Nicole's face. She's all, "Please don't fall down a hole, James Franco. Please! I beg of... goddammit. I'll get my knife." The movie will premiere in Berlin next month.


Anonymous said...

I am so over both Nicole Kidman and James Franco. They are so overexposed that they have been added to the list of actors whose movies I won't see. It's headed by Meryl Streep, and includes Meg Ryan, Faye Dunaway and Hugh Grant.

dk468 said...

more botox/ knives, more impairment to the acting ability (you have to be able to move your muscles on your face sing for the supper? yeah that's right, that too..)
So "darling, I don't think I've ever 'seen' you before... "

but should I really care when I don't have a whole lot of affection for the godmother to the sorry spawn of the evil man who wants to destroy all the democracies in the world with his media empire?

Anonymous said...

Franco just keeps getting more and more handsome.