Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Jonathan Groff Salutes Bradley Cooper

I had no idea that Jonathan Groff (and an appropriately beefed-up Jonathan Groff at that) was even in American Sniper until seeing so in this new commercial for the movie. As if a beefed-up B-Coop wasn't enough to enlist my hormones, now I have to imagine these two getting beefed-up together? 

I know that this being a Clint Eastwood movie it'll lay on me to project all the gayness necessary onto what I'm watching since he won't help a brother out in that department (I mean, his movie about gay people was so straight) but... well I'm willing and able to put forth some effort.

Also there's a picture of Bradley in a wet t-shirt we hadn't seen yet via the film's screenwriter clearly taken at the same time as those on-set pictures of Bradley getting hosed down in short shorts... which means there are wet short-shorts just outside of frame and we're not seeing them. Bad job, everybody involved. Bad job.

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