Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Am Link

--- Silky Spectre - Is everybody having fun with the leaked emails from Sony? What a blast they've been. I'm certainly not going to jump into all the nonsense but this article about how the studio's freaking out about the apparent 300 million dollar price-tag that the new Bond movie Spectre's coming with is worth noting because I have a suggestion on lowering costs: James Bond is naked the whole movie! Those suits he's always wearing are crazy expensive - this'd cut thousands of dollars from the budget, and add millions to your eventual box office. Believe me. I personally would buy millions of dollars in tickets for that movie. You're welcome, Sony! 

--- Mrs. Venkman - This isn't really news since I have a feeling every single actress in Hollywood has been storming down the doors of director Paul Feig's office about the Lady Ghostbusters: The Movie, probably several of them going full-tilt Sean Young and wearing Sexy Slimer costumes, but Rebel Wilson says she's had a meeting with them, no doubt making Rebel Wilson's Number One Fan Glenn Dunks super pleased. Oh and apparently Jennifer Lawrence said she met with them too... I love putting JLaw as the footnote on Rebel Wilson news though.

--- Starry Eyes - It's slightly less than a month until I see Jake Gyllenhaal on stage in Constellations, and I am, to the shock of non one, rather excited. I am in the front row this time! Look out, Jake! Ahem. To whet our appetite here's a chat with Jake and the playwright (they worked previously on an Off-Broadway show which I also went to but I was like way in the back that time) about the show; the best bit is Jake's story about his sister Maggie making him pretend to be a cat when they were kids. Can you imagine having Maggie Gyllenhaal for a sister? What a mindfuck that'd be. (thanks Mac)

--- Water Logged - I probably won't bother watching this trailer because horror movie trailers tend to give away too many of their good scares and I don't need convincing on this one, but hey maybe you'd like to see the first apparently ship-set trailer for [REC]4, the fourth movie in the never-put-out-a-bad-movie-yet Spanish horror franchise, so you can see it over at BD. It's out at the start of January.

--- Hot Lips - The New York Times end-of-year Performers videos this year are all about forcing pretty people to make out with each other, which is always cool with me - like I tweeted though I do wish they'd thrown us man-on-man admirers a bit of a better bone than David Oyelowo having a half-forced peck with Timothy Spall of all people, though.

--- Angel of Death - Darren Aronofsky might make a serial killer movie! Based on the true-life story of Charlie Cullen, a New Jersey nurse who apparently may've killed over three hundred patients; there's a book called The Good Nurse which is being adapted by its own author. I sort of remember hearing about this story at the time; he was arrested in 2003 and called "The Angel of Death" by the media. Aronofsky's supposed to be working on that Margaret Atwood MaddAddam adaptation for HBO right now though.

--- Kick Ass - Save the scenes of copious skin (see here and see here for prime examples) I haven't watched that MMA show Kingdom yet; it's on the heap but the heap is very big. I've kept abreast of what's gone on in vaguely though since I've been keeping my eye out for more nakedness from its cast stuffed to the gills with hot manly men so this spoilery Buzzfeed interview (Hi Jarett!) with Nick Jonas about the latest revelations regarding his character didn't come as a surprise. Same goes for this lengthy talk with Jonathan Tucker. (thanks Mac) Did any of you guys watch the show?

--- Jiffy Jabber - I'm sure they'll tweak it right? An actress who'll be on the upcoming Scream TV series says that she's "reenacting" the Drew Barrymore scene from the first Scream movie. They'll have to change things up won't they? Otherwise what's the point? While I could see somebody younger than me arguing that the first movie might seem dated at this point (god I'm old) that opening scene still packs a wallop, I watched it not too long ago.

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I would binge watch this show in a second particularly for Tucker's increasingly muscular torso. But how? I have plain old Verizon Fios. And it's not available on Netflix. Help.