Thursday, December 11, 2014

Golden Boy

... super duper psyched to see that Jake Gyllenhaal's gotten both SAG and Golden Globe nominations for Nightcrawler this week! I was really worried that that wonderful movie was going to be too small for them to notice, or he'd get lost in the shuffle of names - I know he's been running all over the place flashing his wattage at everybody, and it seems to be working. (You can flash me any time, Jakey.) Maybe he'll get an Oscar nom after all! In related news...

... how great is this picture of him with Patricia Arquette? Her hand to his chest reads all, "Can... I... touch him? Is... he... real? Oh yes this will do." Whatever lady you boffed Tom Jane for years, you've had your fill! Leave some for the rest of us. (pics via)

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