Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Good Morning, World

Somebody got to MNPP this morning by searching for pictures of Chace Crawford and I was all, "Oh yeah, that exists." Then I was going to make a crack about how I'd best post these last remnants before he slips all our minds but I checked IMDb and besides that baseball movie he's in with a bunch of other fine young fellas... he's in Warren Beatty's new movie about Old Howard Hughes? Really? Well I guess if anybody can understand the plight of the pretty young thing trying to be be taken seriously it's Warren. (No word on who Chace is playing - could he be Young Howard Hughes?) I've never seen that picture up top before; anybody know what it's from? My guess is Gossip Girl but then I don't know anything else Chace has done so that's got to be my guess. Aaaanyway I just kinda keep talking and talking about Chace Crawford and I have literally nothing to say so let's just hit the jump and look at a few pictures (via) I haven't posted before, mkay? Mkay.


Bill Carter said...

What we fans call "Peak Chase" was a ridiculous Lifetime movie--pardon my redundancy--named Long Lost Son. It came out in 2006, a year before GG.

Gabrielle Anwar, who seems to have been heavily tranquilized throughout the film, discovers that her missing-presumed-dead husband and 4-year-old son Mark are in fact alive, and living in the Islands. Mark is now an 18-year-old named Matthew, who is drop-dead gorgeous and spends most of his time wearing nothing but cut-off jeans. (Seriously. I've seen Bel Ami videos with less shirtlessness than this movie.)

Then there's a hurricane.

The camera spends a lot of time focusing on the smooth Crawford chest and torso, cutting away only for tight close-ups of the smooth Crawford face.

It's the best movie since White Squall.

Anonymous said...

The first picture is from the movie "what to expect when you're expecting" where chace plays a little part with anna kendrick. They have great scenes including the one where he only wears boxer (the best scene of the movie really).

Bill Carter said...

This article inspired me to do a little web search, and I found that someone has posted a YouTube video of the best scenes from Long Lost Son--i.e The scenes w/shirtless Chase Crawford. MNPP might want to mine them for future screen caps.


Gabrielle Anwar was 37 when she sleep-walked through this role, which made her a little young to play the mother of then 21-year-old CC. She comes off as much more cougary than maternal, asking Chase things like "Have you ever seen a movie called 'The Graduate'?" and "What's the age of consent around here, and does it apply beyond the three mile limit?".