Friday, November 28, 2014

OMG Look At Jake Gyllenhaal In Southpaw

(ETA You can watch the trailer right here.) Well I hate Deadline for that gigantic watermark, but I love Deadline for sharing the picture of Jake Gyllenhaal shredded all the way to hell and back in that Antoine Fuqua boxing movie Southpaw, so I guess I'll allow the watermark for the time being, til we have one without. Did I say OH MY GOD? OH MY GOD. (previous picture of him shirtless on the movie's set right here)

ETA Now we have the full unwatermarked shot! 

(via, click to embiggen)


Anonymous said...

Ugh I hate that veiny roided out look. His Brokeback phase was perf.

UltraViolet said...

You know you can always rely on IHJ.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping there's plenty of gratuitous shirtless in Southpaw. Jake's body is awesomely ripped and shredded and it should be on display as often as possible.