Friday, October 10, 2014

Today's Mood

I feel as if this picture of Matt Bomer wearing a sarong and making spazz-face (see more here) says something essential and truthful not just about the way I feel right this minute, but perhaps about life itself. I think it's important that I leave it here at the top of the page all weekend long for us all to stare at, and contemplate, in deep meditation. Om, motherfuckers.


Anonymous said...

I like to think he's not wearing anything under that sarong.

Elvis' grandaughter said...

I suspect in this movie they're going to make Matt's character bisexual and give him a boyfriend for the following reasons...

(a) gay men made up a LARGE part of the first movie's audience so it would make sense to cater even more to that key demo by making the gay in real life actor play a gay character.

(b) that scene with Matt in the sarong where he's playing catch with Big Dick Richie there's a boat in the background with a rainbow flag on it's sail.

(c) the gang preform at a Drag review and one dance sequence takes place at a gay club of which Jada Pinkett is reportedly the owner.

So yeah, if Matthew Mccounachey (couldn't be arsed to google the proper spelling for that) grinding his bulge into Alex Pettyfer's butt wasn't gay enough it's about to get a lot gayer up in herr. ;)