Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Morning, World

It's still sort of technically morning, right? Before Noon counts. Sorry, I got a late start today - hopefully these pictures of Dane Dehaan's surprisingly ample bulge in Life After Beth make up for my tardiness. Matthew Gray Gubler...

... also shows up in the movie in some tighty-whities, but the camera plays coy with him, framing everything just out of the way of our prying eyes -- whatcha afraid of, Matthew Gray Gubler??? (If you were going to form an argument in favor of his shyness you could say the movie's going out of its way to emasculate his character, and in that way this is effective.... if you felt like making that argument, of course.) Anyway hit the jump for a few more, and happy Monday...

1 comment:

Gel Mibson said...

Good, now that he's been dragged out of the closet, his aspiring movie career can fall by the wayside and he stops getting movie roles as "normal audiences can't really identify with a homosexual leading man".

Goodbye Luke Evan it was nice knowing you.

Now we can all go after Kevin Spacey, he's had a successful career for far too long anyway.