Monday, October 27, 2014

The Shadow Out of Time

I hadn't been planning on re-watching John Carpenter's Halloween in order to write about it for this week's edition of Beauty vs Beast over at The Film Experience, it hardly seemed necessary since I've seen the movie dozens of times - I could summon up what needed to be said off the cuff, for sure. But the boyfriend wanted to last night, and we did, and sure enough cut to two hours later me laying in bed staring at every corner of the room expecting that face, white and horrible, to shape itself out of the shadows. The movie just works on me, it works on me every damned time. I can start off assured enough, strong and manly and capable enough, laughing at the cross-eyes that Annie make after she's strangled...

... or how for some ridiculous reason Michael Myers decided to slip into that sheet-n-glasses combo, but by the end, the specter of Michael, the way he haunts everything with that face and that hot strangled heavy breathing... it wears me down.

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Anonymous said...

Since I first saw it in the 7th grade, still the scariest movie I've ever seen. Just hearing the music gives me chills.