Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I Am Link

--- Gone Dude - Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly wrote up pretty much the epic tongue-bath you'd expect Richard Kelly to give a David Fincher movie at his Tumblr this week on the subject of Gone Girl. Not to stereotype (a phrase that is always followed by stereotypes) but as a straight white male of middle-class privilege and geeky inclinations, I am not surprised he adored it. How about you just make a movie of your own again, Richard?

--- And Speaking of Gone Girl, author Gillian Flynn is making that US remake of Utopia with Fincher next; we just learned last week that Fincher was directing the entire thing, and we now know that she's writing the entire thing, start to finish. At that link she speaks of speaking to the creator of the fabulous original about it.
--- Set Love - If there were more to this video that's been making the rounds of Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker proving how awkward it is to film sex scenes on a movie-set for that movie Stretch - you know what I mean... ass is more; Chris Pine in a jockstrap is more - then I'd have posted it days ago, but as is it's just some sweaty shoulder and I have other things to do, yo.

---  Nazi Hour - Martin Freeman is going to star (along with Anthony LaPaglia) in a BBC movie called The Eichmann Show, which is about the two producers who "were responsible for putting together one of the first global television events, televising [the trail of Nazi Adolf Eichmann] to thirty-seven countries over four months in 1961." Now that sounds like an interesting subject I've never heard anything about. Kind of Quiz Show meets Judgment at Nuremberg. I will watch that, but I kind of hope they rename the film to You Can't Jew That on Television.

--- Devil Dan - I was really close to watching Alexandre Aja's Horns with Danny Radcliffe last night but Halloween III: Season of the Witch mood struck me and there's no telling that movie no when it wants in; anyway I'll maybe watch it tonight. Horns, that is. You can watch a brand new clip of it here, which involves Daniel Radcliffe naked as a jay-bird.

--- Vice Squad - Embarrassing admission: I had to run out of the middle of the Inherent Vice press conference at the New York Film Festival because, well, because I'd just sat through a three-hour movie having drank two large coffees beforehand and, well, I had to pee like nobody's business. Sorry, PTA & Co! I tried to hold it as long as I could but y'all were just rambling. Thankfully IndieWire made a nice list of 11 things they learned about PTA from that and the event he did the following day. (thanks Mac)


Adam said...

Horns is so shockingly unwatchable. I absolutely can't wait for your write-up!

sissyinhwd said...

What happened to PTA - he use to be so cute.