Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Good Morning, World

Don't ask me what the hell's going on here.
I have no idea.

But thankfully all of 1985's infamous flop Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins starring Fred Ward is uploaded to YouTube, because it allowed me to scan through it and find the brief moment of screen-time given to Tom McBride, aka "the dude who dies in the wheelchair in Friday the 13th Part 2 that I have loved forever." We've spoken about Tom before; how he died of AIDS and that there's a documentary about that (you can actually watch a clip from the doc online now too), but this is the first time I'd seen his lil' cameo in Remo.

He plays an actor on a soap opera that Joel Grey is watching in the film. Joel Grey, yes, in yellow face. This is presumably a footnote that Joel Grey would prefer gets washed from his résumé - sorry Joel, but in order to find Tom, we had to.

Tom would have turned 62 today.


Anonymous said...

in this film Joel Grey speaks the greatest line ever committed to celluloid:

"A warrior is not a mountain goat. It is wise to remember this."

Unknown said...

Tom was beautiful and it hurts the heart to know that he was gone early
So young and so dreamy