Monday, October 20, 2014

I Am Link

--- Dolphin King - Jason Momoa is relieved he can finally talk about the fact that he's playing Aquaman in Superman Boinks Batman or whatever it's called; did you know he went to college for marine biology? I would've loved to have him as my tutor, and by tutor, I mean "person with which I did sexual things." As far as the supposed eventual movie-all-his-own he doesn't know anything yet but he thinks it would be an origin film. If he's wet and half-naked I honestly don't give a shit what else is happening.

--- Bonus Rim - Because one thing is never ever anywhere near enough for Guillermo Del Toro he's already saying that he's got plans for a third Pacific Rim movie, since the happy shock of even one sequel happening cannot possibly be enough for him. And he makes it sound like the second will end on a cliffhanger kind of, which worries me. Take what you're given, man!

--- World Ender - I could've sworn we'd heard Colin Farrell's name bandied about for Doctor Strange before but maybe I'm just confusing this role search with True Detective, which was going on simultaneously and for just as long. Anyway now Colin is on the list! The really interesting thing in this article though is the news that Bryan Singer & Co want Tom Hardy to play the villain Apocalypse in the next X-Men movie. Uhh adding Tom Hardy to the already astonishingly heady brew of manliness that is the X-Men world might tip me right over. Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy rasslin' around?I don't even care that he's already played a big super-villain role.

--- Big Bad Eyes - The poster for Tim Burton's Big Eyes hit over the weekend and Nat worked it over at The Film Experience - I think Margaret Keane's gloriously weird art-work deserves better than this ugly poster, personally. I hate the way it's laid out with Christoph and Amy down at the bottom, there's just something off about it.

--- Jump Off - Channing Tatum has seemed really downbeat lately hasn't he? Maybe it was just the impression I got from the Foxcatcher Q&A at NYFF the other week where he was really very low-key, head down - maybe he's just starving to death right now since he's making a Magic Mike movie and has to keep himself in tip-top shape. Whatever the case he's either calling himself not smart or now he's going on about how he doesn't think making the 23 Jump Street movie is a good idea, surely much to the chagrin of the studio actively seeking to make that... eat something, Chan! We'll still love you in your thong, don't worry.

--- Ghost With The Most - Cassandra Peterson, whose name your ought to know on its own but maybe Elvira means more to you, gives you that extra little push, is bringing her Elvira character back for a Halloween series of skits introducing horror movies on Hulu, and this interview with her is, as always, a delight. I love how she name-checks shit ranging from Puppetmaster to Don't Look Now and everything between. She is a hero. In summation here's her new song, "2 Big Pumpkins":


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