Thursday, October 02, 2014

I Am Link

--- American Beard - The first pair of pictures of Bradley Cooper in Clint Eastwood's American Sniper showed up yesterday - well I should say the first "official" pictures because we've seen lots of pictures of Bradley in character, with his added beef and beardliness, and flustered ourselves accordingly. The uniform is certainly hot but I feel as if they really dropped the gun by not releasing an official picture of the short-shorts here.

--- God Is Dead - Nicolas Winding Refn's wife Liz Corfixen made a documentary about their time making his unflatteringly received last film Only God Forgives which just played in Austin, and IndieWire chatted with the pair of them about it - Refn seems a little bit snippy in the wake of God's relative failure, and his answers are all hilariously succinct. I do hope he makes that horror movie next though.

--- I Am Reboot - Because studio executives have been programmed so that they literally can't read things anymore if the title doesn't contain a "Man" or a "Two" in the title, some dude's script titled A Garden at the End of the World, which was probably originally about a pair of horticulturists finding love amid the flower petals, has been turned into an I Am Legend reboot. This is where I tell you all to read Richard Matheson's great original story, which shaped an entire century of horror. Oh and to stare at Will Smith's ass.

--- Strange Casting - I think this story has already been denied, and I hope so because NO - there's a rumor floating around that Ethan Hawke is in consideration to play Marvel's Doctor Strange. This might make sense since Scott Derrickson previously worked with Hawke on Sinister; but hey Derrickson also worked with Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez and Joel McHale, so hell let's use one of them then.

--- Now You See Him - Daniel Radcliffe will be joining the sequel to Now You See Me, which the entire original cast is returning for - that is Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, and so on. He'll be playing Michael Caine's son, says Michael Caine. The first movie was a dumb piece of garbage, I don't know why I'm even reporting on this. I guess Daniel wins.

--- Tis The Season - I am singing "Glory! Glory! Halleluiah!" dancing around my office right now, because Final Girl has started up the annual awesomeness that is Shocktober! Every day this month Stacie will be taking a look at the opening credit title card of a horror movie of her choosing - she started it off with the classic Friday the 13th smash.
--- Scoot Sighting - I've invented a fun new game - it's called "Count The Seconds Until Scoot Shows Up" and here's how you play it: watch a movie trailer, and count the seconds until you see Scoot McNairy in the movie. If you make it past sixty, the world will end. Thankfully this trailer below for Jude Law's new submarine flick (you know it's about submarines because of all the rope-knit sweaters) Black Sea doesn't end the world, cuz there's the Scoot.

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subatomiccowboy said...

Goddamn Now You See Me piece of garbage gets a sequel with no news of a Beautiful Creatures 2 in sight.