Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Gods & Skirts

I'm sure Ridley Scott and all the hundreds of crafts-people and technicians that worked on Exodus: Gods and Kings appreciate me reducing the new trailer for their movie to a couple frames of Joel Edgerton's meaty ass bulging against his fancy-man skirt, but you know what, it's not my job to give them a gold star or a cookie. That is clearly the most persuasive reason to see the film, which otherwise keeps looking junkier and junkier - the parting of the Red Sea, which I can't recall seeing in the first trailer, is especially egregious of obvious CG, I think...

I mean sure you could argue it's no worse than the 
previous iterations in DeMille's two Ten Commandments movies...

... but perhaps we could make it slightly more convincing now? Perhaps not.

And then there's Aaron Paul's beard. Mmhmm.

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