Wednesday, October 01, 2014

All The Stuff I Can't Do

We're entering the craziest time of the year for me - that nightmare space (I mean that in the nicest sense of the word "nightmare") where the New York Film Festival and New York Comic-Con overlap ever year. It's so terribly hard to have too much awesome stuff to do! Anyway in the interest of letting you know that I'm not the perfect saintly ball of awesomeness that you think I am, I figured I'd highlight some of the stuff slipping through the cracks that I'll be missing. Because I'm not perfect! Of flesh, and bone, am made!

The biggest fail on my part is I won't be seeing any of the truly amazing events that the IFC Center here in New York is coordinating for their side-show of Comic-Con - it's called "Super Week" and the list of things they've got going on is just beyond the beyond. Baz Luhrmann himself doing a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Check! The director's cut of Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac? Check! The new Nicholas Hoult movie with Nicky there? Check!

Premiere screenings of several upcoming horror movies I haven't seen yet? Oh hell yeah. Here by the way is the list of those titles - VHS Viral, The ABCs of Death 2, The Canal (which I actually did see at Tribeca Fest and liked a lot), Extraterrestrial (which I also saw at Tribeca and didn't like at all), Dead Snow 2, Inner Demons, and HORNS!!! I have to miss Horns, dammit all to hell. (At least it's only a couple of weeks until that's out.)

They are also showing The Babadook, which as I told you yesterday I thankfully was managing to see a second time last night - it was even better a second time through, and I am unreservedly in love with the movie now. Once you get the chance, do not miss it.

The other big thing that's coming up that I am going to have to miss isn't because of Comic-Con or the NYFF, it's because of a concert I have tickets to, but I wanted to point it out all the same - the Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn is showing all the shorts, experimental films and documentaries of HR Giger on the night of October 15th. That is way too cool, and it's necesarry that each and every one of you understand what a gigantic heaping pile of dung I am for missing it. Heaping! People - spit on me on the street! I have it coming!


sissyinhwd said...

How are you going to fit in seeing Fran Kranz on BWY in YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU. Or you could stake out the stage door with the hope of him showing a bit of chest hair. mmm I'd rearrange my schedule for that.

Derreck said...

Thanks for telling me about Baz. I just bought myself a ticket!