Monday, September 22, 2014

True Love

This news is like twenty-four hours old which is the internet news equivalent to this, but hey I clearly gotta give love to Colin Farrell confirming he's in the second installment of True Detective. This is wonderful news! I just hope that we side-step the Vince Vaughn landmine - I already had to deal with the "one dude I like, one dude I loathe" dynamic the first season.


DuchessKitty said...

Whatever became of those Taylor Kitsch rumors? I'd love to see him with Farell.

John said...

Which one weren't you crazy about in Season 1? I find it interesting how many 'movie' actors are doing TV or cable,they never used to. Guess the pay is better now.

Jason Adams said...

This link should answer that question, John.

Bullseye said...

Colin Farrell used to be so hot..before he became an old drunk. :/