Monday, September 22, 2014

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... learn from:

The Descent (2005)

Sam: Trying to set this watch is impossible, 
the buttons are too fucking small. 
Holly: Why do you wear that thing anyway? 
Sam: My boyfriend gave it to me, it's sentimental. 
Holly: It's fucking mental, any guy who'd give that to me 
I'd dump him on the spot. 

That snappy bit of dialogue sets up the later scene in the movie where that awful watch goes off at the most inopportune time ever and manages to get everyone torn to pieces by cave-dwelling mole-monsters, so clearly Holly should have been listened to. I think the third movie should be about getting revenge... on Sam's boyfriend who gave her the fucking thing.

A happy 35th birthday to MyAnna Buring today -- you might also know MyAnna from Neil Marshall's other movie (and all-around great fucking time) Doomsday, or maybe from Ben Wheatley's wonderful Kill List, or maybe from Downton Abbey - she was the maid that tried to molest Branson!

And who could blame her? Anyway back to The Descent - has anybody watch it lately? I have been seriously jonesing for a re-watch over the past few months but I haven't gotten around to it. The film's mentioned in this interesting (not entirely great, but interesting) roundtable discussion over at Consequence of Sound on "The State of Horror Films in 2014," where a team of writers talk about what they consider the best horror movies of the past 15 years - they're unnecessarily hard on Insidious and found-footage by my measure, but some fine points are made nonetheless.

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