Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... pounding (and being pounded by) Dolph Lundgren.

I was going to ask y'all if you could figure out why I loved Rocky IV so much, but really these pictures swallow up such silly questions. 

Swallow them right up! Lincoln Center was playing this movie yesterday and obviously I had to grab the opportunity to see Ivan Drago writ large by the balls. And I did. I grabbed it.

When I got home I decided this week's banner would be devoted to Dolph, and in the process of finding that shot up top I took a thousand alternate caps - Stallone is leering at Dolph something crazy in this flick - so I figured I'd share them; this sort of thing shouldn't be wasted. Hit the jump for it...

1 comment:

Arturo said...

I didn´t know this, but, according to the internet, he has a masters degree in Chemical Engineering! How cool is that!

I am an Engineer myself, sadly, my physique is not even slightly similar to his nor will it ever be I guess (He still looks very damn good), but hey, it´s all about representation these days! I want my engineers in Hollywood!