Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Rupert Evans Ten Times


When we saw Rupert in person following the Tribeca Film Fest screening of the very scary flick The Canal, which is supposedly coming out here in the US this Fall, we knew we had a new crush. (pics via, by Joseph Sinclair) These pictures are a year or so old but they totally confirm them suspicions. 

I have a reason (convoluted though it may be) for thinking upon Rupert today - in 2005 Rupert starred in a BBC miniseries of the book Fingersmith opposite Sally Hawkins. I haven't seen it and I probably won't any time soon though because director Park Chan-wook has just signed on to make a Korean film version, and I imagine I'll wait to watch his take first. Anybody seen the BBC one? The whole thing's on YouTube at that link.

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Petey said...

I found him adorable in Hellboy.