Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Raining, Men

Hey look it's Channing on the Magic Mike XXL set! 

Rocking some acceptably snug denim and a t-shirt...

... and lifting heavy things...

... I am so there.

Anyway the official synopsis and casting announcement for MMXXL (I just realized this movie abbreviates to 2070 - numerologists make hay!) came out over the weekend, and there are a couple bits of note - firstly McConaughey & Pettyfer are nowhere to be found, as rumored. Everybody else from is in place though. (Well not Cody Horn, but then come on.) Secondly added to the cast...

... is Donald Glover! It doesn't say who Childish Gambino's playing but I hope I hope I hope he's a stripper, because Donny's got the bod for it and then some.

See previous posts on Donald here and here and here and here and here. (Okay he should clearly get his own tag at this point,  I guess.) Besides Donald, joining the cast there's also Elizabeth Banks (yay) and Michael Strahan...

... is Channing trying to out-do Chocolate City,
the so-called "black Magic Mike," or what?

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