Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Am Link

--- Nice Bad Guys - Matthew Bomer, once he finishes shakin da booty for Magic Mike 2, will head over to Ryan Gosling's new movie to play a bad guy! It's called The Nice Guys, it also stars Russell Crowe, and it's from Shane Black, who wrote and is directing. Black is of course the dude who burned a bunch of bridges back in the 80s and got a comeback thanks to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3, aka Robert Downey Jr. brought him back.
--- Up For Chuck - Guinevere Turner, the author of the perfect perfect perfect American Psycho screenplay (she also played the wine-sloshing threesome-having society gal in the movie), is adapting the 1971 book The Family, about the events that led up to the Manson murders, for a movie to be directed by music-video director Jonas Akerlund. (Amongst other great pieces of work Akerlund made Madonna's "Ray of Light" video.) 

--- New Utopia - It is official: David Fincher's next project is going to be his HBO remake of the amazing amazing amazing British television thriller Utopia, and kind of surprisingly he says he's going to direct every single episode. He's making it next year. I am so torn on this - the original is SO GOOD, I wish they'd just air it here in the US as is because it really doesn't need changing a bit; all the actors are killer, it's gorgeously shot already, and the story is so scary and exciting and fun. I just hope he changes it a ton, is what I hope. Spin it off into your own thing, David. Then I can maybe see the point.

--- Super Week - I don't know if there are even still tickets for most of this stuff but IFC Center here in NY is doing a ton of super amazing events next week for New York Comic Con - it's called "Super Week" and on the list is stuff like Baz Luhrmann presenting a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show; the NY premiere of the unrated Director's Cut of Nymphomaniac; Nicholas Hoult will be there with his new movie, and on and on. I probably can't do any of it myself because of continuing NYFF and actually being at Comic-Con duties, dammit.

--- Pig Person - Here's a sentence I never really expected to write: Y Tu Mama Tambien actor Diego Luna is directing a movie called Mr. Pig, which will star Danny Glover as a man traveling to Mexico, with a pig. It will co-star Maya Rudolph. First person to make a "Is Maya Playing the pig?" joke gets kicked in the nuts.

--- Her Triumph - I know that the Jesse Owens bio-pic is going to be all about, you know, Jesse Owens and sports and stuff, but hearing that they just cast Carice van Houten to play director Leni Riefenstahl in the film... well now I want this to be a Leni Riefenstahl bio-pic, sorry Jesse Owens. The film will detail the African-American athlete's travels to the Olympics in Berlin in 1936, which Riefenstahl turned into her film Olympia.

--- Vice Maker - I'm just gonna slip this link to the trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice in right here, side-stepping the fan-fare because it's great and everything but I know some people don't wanna watch it and far be it from me to ruin their day. I will say I watched the trailer even though I'm seeing the film later this week for NYFF and the trailer made me very very excited. And who is that shirtless blonde dude?

--- And Speaking of trailers the trailer for the second Avengers movie will apparently be shown in front of Chris Nolan's Interstellar. I have always planned on seeing Interstellar, I have to see Interstellar, it's too big a something to miss, even if I'm kinda over Nolan and I'm way way way over McConaughey. So this news at least gives me a little more impetus to give a shit.


Anonymous said...

Actually, "Triumph of the Will" came out in 1935. The Olympics inspired Reifenstahl's film "Olympia".

Jason Adams said...

Thanks Anon, yes, shame on me, brain-freeze -- I'll go back and fix that

Scot said...

Interesting that you praised Guinevere Turner in today's posts. I just read an article in DAILY KOS about 15 authors who hated adaptations of their works. One of them was B.E Ellis. Here's his thoughts:

Bret Easton Ellis either dislikes or is ambivalent about almost all of the adaptions of his novels, including Less Than Zero and American Psycho. The latter film has become something of a cult classic, with many critics thinking it's one of Christian Bale's best performances. However, Ellis thinks the film is flawed because it conflicts with the nature of his novel.

“American Psycho was a book I didn’t think needed to be turned into a movie. I think the problem with American Psycho was that it was conceived as a novel, as a literary work with a very unreliable narrator at the center of it and the medium of film demands answers. It demands answers. You can be as ambiguous as you want with a movie, but it doesn’t matter — we’re still looking at it. It's still being answered for us visually. I don’t think American Psycho is particularly more interesting if you knew that he did it or think that it all happens in his head. I think the answer to that question makes the book infinitely less interesting.”

It's all in the timing!