Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I Am Link

--- Penny Lady - While I'm excited to hear that work's already starting on the second season of Penny Dreadful, a show I pretty much adored save a couple of issues (coughReeveCarneycough), I don't know that Patti Lupone was the first thing I wanted to hear about it. The Broadway star is joining the show for a guest spot (phew) as "a mysterious character of great importance in Vanessa’s (Eva Green) past." As long as everything revolves around Eva Green, I suppose. (And Josh Hartnett's naked gay stuff, of course.) And maybe she'll just show up to pour bleach down her throat like on American Horror Story last year.
--- The Dark World - It's been awhile since we've heard anything about David Fincher's American remake of the terrific and I do mean terrific British TV thriller Utopia; every time I see the subway ads for the new reality show with that title I do a double-take, thinking I missed something, but no, still no word on where it stands right now. But Fincher's already announcing more TV work for HBO - he wants to make a 50s noir with the writer James Ellroy. Maybe he'll make that instead and just release the original Utopia over here so it can get the proper attention it deserves. It should be ten times as popular as Downton Abbey.

--- Iran So Far Away - I hadn't been paying an iota - not an iota! - of attention to Jon Stewart's upcoming directorial debut because honestly, while I love Jon for his unrepentant liberalism and all that The Daily Show has done for politics, I kinda find him exhausting to watch. Granted he's not acting in his movie, which is called Rosewater and stars Gael Garcia Bernal, but just seeing his name seems to make my eyes slide away. So I hadn't been paying attention, not until my pal Joe Reid just wrote the movie up from Toronto, and now I am, is my point. It does sound interesting, and I do love Gael.

--- Murder Mommy - I know I have some Europeans reading this site - have any of you seen the Austrian horror movie Goodnight Mommy yet? I ask because I have heard good things and it's now getting picked up for play here in the US next year and I adore its story - The film... tells of nine-year old twins awaiting the return of their mother after cosmetic surgery. When she comes home, however, the children soon begin to doubt that the woman is their mother." That's great stuff!

--- Bag It - It has been a very long time since I've bothered watching American Beauty; I liked the film when it came out but my most vivid memory at this point is Wes Bentley's bared butt, and I think I might wanna keep it that way because of all the opinion pieces I've read over the years tearing the Oscar winner down this one right here pretty much sticks the knife in the furthest and gets the kill, methinks. And given how I can barely stand to look at Kevin Spacey's face now, I think the well's especially poisoned.

--- Boat Trip - The "Movie of the Week" at The Dissolve is Preston Sturges' glorious 1941 comedy The Lady Eve with Henry Fonda and my gal Babs Stanwyck, and I'm saving this piece on the movie for my lunchtime reading today. Anything to remind me of the sparkle and shine of that doozy's alright with me.

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