Friday, September 05, 2014

I Am Link

--- Mount Hunnam - If I'm seeing the words "Charlie Hunnam" and "Mountain" in the title of an article I either want the story to be telling me that Charlie Hunnam is going to star in a 300 million dollar At the Mountains of Madness movie for Guillermo Del Toro, or I want to hear that Charlie Hunnam's mountain of buns are on view. One of those two! None of this "Charlie Hunnam and Margot Robbie are playing stranded (but sexy!) plane crash survivors in a movie called The Mountain Between Us."

--- Rave On - I hope to see Eden, the movie about the club scene in the 1990s from director Mia Hansen-Løve and co-starring Greta Gerwig and Brady Corbet, at the New York Film Festival in a couple of weeks, but it's also showing at TIFF and so we've got the first trailer now, which you can see here. Greta Greta Greta! Although I fear Greta's part is smaller (much smaller) than I'd like judging from the trailer. But then unless the movie's called Frances Ha 2: The ReFrancesIng it's never gonna be enough Greta for me.

--- Super Skirt - TV producer Greg Berlanti - who dates out soccer player Robbie Rogers (that's the adorable couple there) and is therefore luckier than most of us before we even get to his professional successes - is swiveling from his good fortune with boys in spandex (like Arrow) to finally try and give us a girl one. A super girl one. Yup we're talking Supergirl, which is so well past overdue at this point I really feel as if I can't even give him a ton of credit for finally giving it the extra push into possibility. I mean really, what the hell has taken these fools so long? Although as I said on Twitter, Supergirl is nothing without Faye Dunaway. So they need to hire her. And while they're at it, Hart Bochner can probably still fit into those jeans.

--- Lonely Planet - I'm pretty excited about The Martian on paper at least - an adaptation by Buffy and Cabin in the Woods' Drew Goddard of the best-selling book by Andy Weir, to be directed by Ridley Scott, it's about a man stranded on the red planet it's already set to star Matt Damon, and now comes word that Jessica Chastain and Kristen Wiig are in talks to be his co-stars. Although not having read the book (should I? Have any of you?) I had been picturing something closer to Gravity with a lone protagonist so I'm not sure where all these admittedly awesome ladies are fitting in.

--- Ghost House - The second The Woman in Black movie just got snapped up in Toronto, so we'll probably see it some time next year; it's set forty years after the first one during WWII, when a group of children are evacuated from the bombings out to the scary house in the marsh we've come to know and love so well after the original TV film and the surprisingly good remake with Danny Radcliffe. So many creaky boards! I actually think that's a fab idea for the sequel though, and now I'm looking forward to it not just for pretty Jeremy Irvine.

--- Gummy Drop Lane - I've been looking forward to reading Neil Gaiman's take on Hansel & Gretel for awhile now - it comes out on October 28th, just in time to stuff your Halloween stockings! - and I'm not at all surprised to read that it's already being optioned for a movie. Isn't it weird that H&G has never been turned into a decent movie? No, the stoner one with Lara Flynn Boyle does not count.

--- Get Filthy - John Waters has been making the media rounds this week since his big retrospective begins tonight here in New York (I'll be there with my cha-cha heels on!) - I linked to that interview he did with The Dissolve earlier this week, but here's one with The New York Times and here's one with TimeOut and here's one in the latest issue of Interview magazine. I could go on and on and on, but I have places to be, darling... like at John's side tonight. SO EXCITED.

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Nick said...

Why haven't you mentioned the death of comic legend (and gay icon) Joan Rivers?? No tribute??